Dog Calming.

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  • 90
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  • Tablets

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Product Description
  • Perfect for dogs upset by changes to routine
  • Great for easing a fear of fireworks or thunderstorms
  • Contains key B vitamins, magnesium and L-Tryptophan
  • With relaxing herbs like pasionflower and lemon balm
  • Can also help to calm over-excited dogs

Stress, anxiety and fear can affect dogs in just the same ways as humans! They can easily be upset by changes to routine (particularly going to kennels or a dogsitter), and are often frightened by fireworks, thunderstorms and other loud noises. On the flipside, some dogs are so over-excited and energetic that they can cause stress for their owners!

Add some calm to you and your pooch’s life with this fantastic stress remedy for dogs! It contains nutrients like B vitamins, magnesium and L-Tryptophan to promote calm, relaxation and a healthy nervous system. It’s really easy to adjust the dose depending on the size of your pup, and it’s got a beef and liver flavour that’s easy to mix into food for those extra-fussy eaters!