Solgar Ester-C and Vitamin C.

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  • Strength:
  • 500mg
  • Size:
  • 100
  • Type:
  • Veg Capsules

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Product Description


    • Provides a patented method of supplementing pH neutral (non-acidic) Vitamin C
    • Contains the Vitamin C metabolites that occur alongside Vitamin C in nature
    • Suitable for vegans

Vitamin C remains one of our most popular vitamin supplements here at Jan de Vries but another contender is starting to rival the old favourite. Ester-C is a pH neutral form of vitamin C that’s easier to digest and contains vitamin C metabolites that naturally occur alongside vitamin C in nature.

Brilliant then, if you have a sensitive digestive tract, Solgar’s Ester-C Plus Vitamin C is definitely the cream of the crop in our eyes, here at Jan de Vries. Not only does this supplement contain 500mg of Ester-C, it is also infused with citrus bioflavonoid complex, rose hips powder and acerola fruit powder extract.

This really optimises the content of vitamin C, making it an excellent, vegan-friendly source of the nutrient for those looking to boost their immunity. Exclusively formulated by Solgar with no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours, you can enjoy this excellent vitamin C supplement without having to worry about any addition nasties!