5 surprising ways that you’re prematurely ageing your skin

Sep 15 2020Gill

5 surprising ways that you’re prematurely ageing your skin

We love that everyone is learning more about how to care for their skin! We’re probably already pretty familiar with some of the more well-known causes of premature ageing of the skin such as smoking, not getting enough sleep and not wearing SPF protection in the sun. But what about those sneaky factors that we think are good for our skin but could actually be ageing us? Today I’m unearthing some of those sneaky things that can make our skin look older than it really is!

1)    Pollution

Pollution can clog pores, break down collagen and leave skin feeling dull and lifeless. A build-up of oil and dirt can also lead to spots and breakouts. According to recent studies, exposure to airborne toxic chemicals can actually cause age spots, premature fine lines and wrinkles.

Further study by the Journal of Dermatological Science found that the Ozone depletes antioxidants in the skin and that individuals with sensitive skin were more susceptible to pollution damage. So what can you do to prevent pollution from prematurely ageing your skin (other than cutting down on your own carbon footprint that is!)?

Well, upping your antioxidant intake is a start, this can be in the form of antioxidant rich foods such as berries or, you can often find it in skincare products that have natural ingredients. I’d suggest PHB’s Anti-Aging range which is simply packed full of antioxidant-rich ingredients that help fight free radical damage and minimise the signs of aging. All of PHB’s products are 100% ethically sourced meaning that their skincare is not only good for your skin, but good for the environment too!

2)    Washing your face too much

Surely washing your face is a good thing right? Not necessarily. Over exfoliating with harsh chemical scrubs can remove vital nutrients from your skin. While our faces definitely benefit from a bit of exfoliation, overdoing it can actually result in ageing your skin. Scrubbing hard at delicate areas such as the face can create tiny tears deep in the epidermis and, over time, these tears cause dry, flaky and uneven skin and will eventually lead to wrinkles.

The skin of the face is thinner than on the rest of the body so make sure to take it easy when you’re cleansing and exfoliating so that you don’t strip the skin of its natural protective oils. I’d suggest exfoliating no more than twice a week and using a natural facial wash which won’t strip skin of nutrients because it contains no harsh chemicals.

3)    Leaving your makeup on at night

During the day environmental toxins build up on skin and can clog pores meaning that you are more likely to wake up with an annoying spot or two. However, the biggest issue when it comes to leaving your makeup on overnight is the accumulation of environmental pollutants which generate free radicals.

Sleeping with your makeup on can dry out your skin and expose it to free radical damage, which is enemy number 1 when it comes to aging skin. These free radicals then contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin which speeds up the natural ageing process.

Taking your makeup off at night is one thing but finding makeup that won’t clog your pores in the first place can be quite tricky. Don’t worry though PHB Ethical Beauty are here to the rescue! Completely ethical, natural and organic PHB’s makeup is good for your skin – they even claim that their products make great natural remedies for skin conditions.

4)    Cranking up the heat or air conditioning

Dry indoor heat can lead to inflamed skin which can, with time, have ageing effects. Air conditioning strips the air of the humidity that your skin needs which dries it out and leaves it looking dull. Heat can break down your skin’s elasticity and natural collagen, which, over time can cause your skin to sag. Really this is about moderation; our skin isn’t designed to cope in extremes of either temperature.

5)    Stress

There are a number of ways that stress can appear on your face and make you look older. Firstly, stress can break the fragile capillaries under the eyes leaving you with those pesky dark circles we’re always trying to cover up. Secondly, anxiety, crying and lack of sleep are all connected to the development of deeper lines around the eyes, forehead, eyes and mouth. Finally, stress can prompt inflammation throughout the body as well as on the skin which can result in rashes, changes in skin moisture levels and can even lead to or aggravate conditions such as eczema or rosacea.

What can I do to protect my skin?

When it comes to ageing skin it's important to think about other areas than just focusing on your face! For example, sometimes the skin of your neck and arms is exposed to unavoidable and environmental wear-and-tear which can result in a poorer condition of our skin. Fortunately though, we're on hand with PHB's Skin Perfect Gel to help nourish your skin when factors outside your control take their toll.

The magic ingredient, Aloe Vera, is excellent for soothing inflamed skin and has a number of widely known skin healing benefits. This versatile gel can be used to gently soothe areas of the body that need that little bit extra TLC. The nourishing Organic Aloe Vera combined with Pure Rose Oil deeply penetrates skin to help increase elasticity and naturally support the health and appearance of our skin – an ideal option for those of us with aging skin!