A skincare routine for acne-prone skin

Sep 15 2020Gill

A skincare routine for acne-prone skin

Establishing a good skincare routine is one of the most important things you can do for your skin, especially if you suffer from a skin problem such as acne. It’s important to not only find a skincare routine that fits in with your busy schedule, but also one that works for your skin type! Here at Jan de Vries we know and love the fact that every single person has a different skin complexion which is why we’ve created an easy and simple 5 step skincare process specially tailored for those of you with acne-prone skin.

Step 1: A friendly face wash

Why? Although acne isn’t caused by a dirty face it’s important to make sure that you wash your face regularly to help remove dirt and impurities as well as prevent further aggravation or potential breakouts. That being said, washing your face too often can be just as bad for your skin than not cleansing at all! Washing your face too often (especially with chemically filled products) can strip away the natural good oils that your skin needs to nourish and protect itself from external factors.

Our favourite face wash for acne-prone skin? Salcura’s Antiac Daily Face Wash!Here at Jan de Vries, when it comes to acne-prone skin, we generally recommend staying away from harsh, chemical filled face washes that are sometimes recommended for acne and spots and spots as these can dry out the skin.

Instead, we’d suggest that you invest in a more natural approach and use products that emphasise natural ingredients such as Salcura’s Antiac Daily Face Wash. Deep cleansing and containing a neutral pH that won’t upset the skin’s natural pH balance, Salcura’s Face Wash is the perfect recommendation for acne-sufferers.

How often? As the name suggests Salcura’s Face Wash can be used daily, and we’d maybe even suggest washing twice daily to help prevent the build-up of dirt. If you exercise or get a bit sweaty during the day you might want to consider an additional cleanse too.

Step 2: A cooling treatment spray

Why? The skin absorbs everything that we put on it – foundation, moisturiser, cleanser you name it! – which is why we recommend taking an all-natural approach with your skincare. Spray liquids in particular are more easily absorbed into the skin as the naturally active ingredients are absorbed instantly and so can get to work on the newly forming cells at the base of the skin.

Our favourite treatment spray for acne-prone skin? Salcura’s Antiac Activ Spray!Salcura’s spray is full of Aloe Vera and nourishing oils, such as Sunflower seed, Lavender and Manuka, to soothe skin whilst powerful natural antibacterial agents like Tea Tree and Peppermint oil help to calm inflammation and clear the affected area. The spray format makes this the perfect remedy for those really painful outbreaks as you don’t need to contain the skin to rub it in.

How often? Salcura recommend using their spray after cleansing the skin morning and evening when necessary and follow using a moisturiser for extra hydration and apply other makeup products as usual.

Step 3: Apply moisturiser if you need some extra hydration (optional)

Why? Moisturising is an important part of looking after acne-prone skin; it’s important to find a moisturiser that doesn’t clog up pores and lead to even more acne. If you suffer from acne particularly in the forehead, cheek and nose regions moisturising can be very beneficial. It’s important to stay away from alcohol based moisturisers as they dry skin out but also cause inflammation.

Our favourite moisturiser for acne-prone skin? Salcura’s Omega Rich Face Hydrator!This moisturiser is specially formulated for problem skin and it is prepared using a range of skin-friendly ingredients including Sea Buckthorn, Lavender, Chamomile and Jojoba oils. The non-greasy formula doesn’t clog pores and helps reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin growth.

How often? Salcura’s smart formula is perfect for everyday use and not only helps to nourish skin but soothe any fiery inflammation. We’d recommend using this moisturiser roughly 3 times a day although you may feel as though you need less or more depending on your current skin condition. 

Step 4: An acne-treatment gel

Why? Usually, when it comes to acne and outbreaks the number one thing on our mind is a solution – fast. Unfortunately, simply washing your face isn’t enough to tackle skin problems such as acne, that’s where treatment gels come into the picture. Acne-treatment gels aim to treat acne spots, reducing their appearance and hopefully clearing them entirely from the skin. However, this is often easier said than done but luckily we think we’ve found the perfect solution!

Our favourite acne-treatment gel? Salcura’s Antiac Activ Gel Serum!This serum targets outbreaks quickly with some seeing visible results within just 4 hours! The added Tea Tree and Manuka oil prevent bacteria and further infection from invading open spots.

How often? Apply a pea-sized amount of serum directly to the spots with the handy nozzle and sit back and let the natural ingredients do their job. Use this serum on spots every day and as often as you feel is necessary.

Step 5: Cleansing wipes

Why? It’s important to cleanse your skin at the end of the day to remove any excess makeup, dirt and impurities from skin. Cleansing efficiently is particularly important when it comes to acne-prone skin as if dirt is left behind it will clog up pore and lead to further acne outbreaks – not good!

Our favourite cleansing wipes for acne-prone skin? Salcura’s Antiac Daily Face Wipes!Salcura’s Antiac Daily Face Wipes are perfect for nourishing skin whilst also removing dirt, makeup and debris. They repair skin whilst also cooling inflammation – perfect for acne-prone skin! Plus these wipes are super handy for using on the go.

How often? As with all of Salcura’s products these wipes can be used daily because they don’t contain harsh chemicals or nasty parabens that you often get with conventional acne products. I’d recommend using Salcura’s Antiac Daily Face Wipes at least once daily and definitely at the end of your day to remove any makeup.

A final tip to help you love the skin you’re in!

While we’ve set out an easy routine to look after acne-prone skin it’s important to remember that the composure of each and every skin type is different and so different routines will work better for different people. Above all it’s important to do what’s right for you and your own skin!