A simple evening skincare routine for dry skin

Sep 16 2020Yvonne

A simple evening skincare routine for dry skin

For those of you who tried and loved our morning skincare routine for dry skin we’ve got an equally simple complimentary evening routine just for you!

Goodnight nourished skin!

It may seem super convenient to use the same facial products at night as you do in the morning but, actually, it can be extremely beneficial for our skin to shake things up a little! During the day our skin is exposed to all sorts of conditions, harsh weather, contaminants, dirt, makeup and bacteria so it makes sense to have a morning routine that has products that are able to tackle these problems head-on.

On the other hand, at night, our skin rejuvenates, restores and heals itself so it is good to have a skincare routine featuring products that compliments this. Ready to nourish your skin in preparation for your beauty sleep? I thought so! Follow our PM skincare routine for dry skin below.

Step 1: Remove your makeup with a cleanser

Why? Throughout the day our skin can collect all sorts of muck and impurities that need to be washed away. This includes makeup; it is so important that you remove makeup correctly at the end of the day as if bits of makeup are missed or left behind they can easily clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Our favourite cleanser to remove makeup? PHB’s Gentle Cleanser with Olive & Plum! I’ve already mentioned this friendly cleanser briefly in your morning skincare routine but I think it’s time for another shout-out! This indulgent cleanser is fantastic at removing make-up, oil and dirt build up on the skin. The synergistic blend of natural ingredients leave skin feeling soothed and refreshed, it helps to restore and retain moisture for even the most sensitive and dehydrated skin types.

How often? You should use a cleanser at least once a day and always at the end of your day as it is an expert remover of dirt, makeup and impurities.

Step 2: Indulge in a face mask

Why? Who doesn’t love a bit of pampering? Face masks are the perfect way to give your skin a little bit of well-deserved TLC. Sometimes a cleanser isn’t enough to get at all of the impurities that can build up throughout the day so face masks are a fantastic way to get a deeper cleanse to help draw these impurities out. This deeper cleanse helps your skin to better absorb other products like serums and moisturisers.

Our favourite face mask for dry skin? PHB’s Gentle Face Mask with Avocado & Camellia! Clay is definitely a favourite component of any face mask and PHB’s Gentle one is no exception! Clay masks are effective across all skin types across the board and can treat all skin types safely with no harshness or irritation. They do an excellent job of lifting away any dry or dead skin cells making them an excellent option for those of you with dry skin.

PHB’s Gentle formula is made using Kaolin Clay – a pure skin healing clay that is able to draw out toxins and impurities from beneath the top surface layer of skin. Kaolin is rich in natural minerals that help to boost circulation and replenish skin leaving a healthy, youthful looking glow.

How often? Now, if you’re anything like me you’ll want to treat yourself to a face mask all the time – as I said before who doesn’t love a bit of pampering? But the reality is this just wouldn’t be ideal for our skin! I’d recommend that you use a face mask no more than 2 times a week max.

Step 3: Supply your skin with overnight moisture using a nourishing gel

Why? After you’ve treated yourself to a lovely face mask your skin is a lot more receptive to products meaning that it will absorb them at a deeper level. Face gels are lightweight moisturisers that have a more watery, hydrating consistency. Gels can penetrate skin at a deeper level to deliver active ingredients into your skin, which is why using them after a treatment such as a face mask is ideal.

Gels are often packed full of ingredients that help skin to retain moisture – a bonus for those of us with dry skin! However that doesn’t make them a moisturiser so, if you have extremely dry skin, you may find it beneficial to apply your gel first and then finish with a moisturiser on top for extra hydration throughout the night.

Our favourite gel for dry skin? PHB’s Skin Repair Gel with Aloe & Lavender! This is the perfect gel to help recover from the wear-and-tear that crops up throughout the day. This soothing repair gel contains Aloe Vera and Lavender which are perfect for restoring and healing dry skin whilst also providing hydration.

How often? This gel contains nothing but goodness so can be applied daily, for best results we recommend applying it after a cleanser. A little of this gel goes a long way so be sure not to overload your skin with too much!

A final tip to help you love the skin you’re in!

While we’ve set out an easy AM/PM routine to look after your skin type it’s important to remember that the composure of each and every skin type is different and so different routines will work better for different people. Above all it’s important to do what’s right for you and your skin type!