What is ethical beauty?

Sep 16 2020Gill

What is ethical beauty?

At its core, ethical beauty involves buying and using ethically sourced products which are not harmful to the environment or society. But why should we bother? Well, there are many benefits for striving for an overall more ethically approached life such as eliminating unsustainable, damaging patterns of production and consumption.

When it comes to our skin ethical beauty means striving for products that are completely free from harmful synthetic chemicals. This isn’t just good for the environment but also for our skin’s health. As most of you know, the skin is the largest organ in the body and what we put on the outside gets absorbed inside so using synthetic, chemically infused products on your skin is definitely not a good idea.

Most of us don’t pay much mind to the ingredients that go into our products, where they are from, how they are sourced and what they actually do to our skin. Depending on your skin type getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and leading an overall healthy lifestyle is sometimes, unfortunately, not enough to prevent breakouts – we have to look after our skin in terms of the products that we put on it too!

The sad news is that the skincare and cosmetics industries are not regulated much in terms of what is deemed ‘safe’ to put on our skin, meaning that we run the risk of using products that can cause damage long-term as well as encourage signs of premature ageing.

Ethical beauty is cruelty free

Ethical beauty are beauty, skincare and cosmetic products that are free from animal testing, using child labour to source ingredients and from using animal by-products meaning that ethical beauty is also vegan.

Ethical beauty is environmentally friendly

It’s not just animals who benefit from ethical beauty, but also nature and the planet that we get to live on. Ethical beauty products don’t leave a mark from drawing on the earth’s natural resources and the production and manufacturing processes are sustainably produced, carbon neutral and have recyclable packaging. Ethical disposal of products is just as important as ethical consumption.

Ethical beauty is fair to the consumer and fair to the worker

Ethical beauty is fair. Much of the beauty and skincare industry is unregulated in terms of what goes into products and what is classified as safe and not safe to put on our skin. The great thing about ethical beauty is that it is honest and fair. Ethical companies are honest about not only what goes into their products but why and the means in which they get there. What’s more, ethical beauty is also fair to the workers meaning no child labour and no underhand working practices.

Ethical beauty is natural

Harmful ingredients and chemicals are not ethically sourced, produced, or good for our skin. Ethical beauty consumers search for products that are sustainably produced, they often include natural, organic (certified or not) ingredients.

Want to be ethically beauty conscious?

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