Jan de Vries Fifty Years Fighting Hardback Book

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Fifty Years Fighting is the sequel to Jan de Vries's popular first autobiographical volume, A Step At A Time. In this book, he focuses on his lengthy struggle for the recognition of complementary medicine. He details how he was threatened with imprisonment by the Dutch Health Inspectorate early in his career. Today things have changed to such an extent in Holland that a great majority of doctors have adopted complementary medicine in the way that he envisioned and campaigned for many years before. He also describes some of the methods he has used down the years and the remarkable results he has obtained administering these treatments. Fifty Years Fighting is packed with intriguing case histories from Jan's vast experience in practice. Some are very surprising, while others give helpful tips for the reader. Invaluable advice is offered as to what patients can do to help themselves in certain circumstances and on how to obtain physical, mental - and most importantly - spiritual health in life.