Floravital Liquid Iron and Vitamin Formula

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Product Description

A delicious liquid iron formula that’s gently flavoured with fruit juice, this supplement is perfect for anyone who feels that their iron levels might be getting a little low. It not only provides an organic form of iron, it also contains an array of B vitamins and vitamin C, an essential nutrient that can help aid the absorption of iron.

This is definitely one of our more popular supplements here at Jan de Vries and it’s one we often recommend to vegans and vegetarians to help make sure they are getting their recommended daily amount of iron. It doesn’t contain any lactose, gluten or artificial nasties and can even be taken by lactating mothers and children!

If you’re satisfied that this product can help to support your iron levels, it might be worth taking a look at Floradix’s Liquid Magnesium. This is a nutrient that we usually suggest to menopausal women and those that suffer from PMS. Magnesium is crucial for healthy muscles and joints and can even help to support your mood and metabolism!