Frangrance Free Natural Conditioner

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  • Size:
  • 400
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  • ml

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Product Description



  • A natural fragrance-free conditioner
  • Prepared with NO essential oils, parabens or SLS
  • Ideal for sensitive skin and 100% hypoallergenic

If you suffer from sensitive skin and struggle to find a conditioner that won’t irritate your scalp, then fortunately you are in luck! Faith in Nature’s Natural Unscented Conditioner is a unique formulation prepared without using any fragrances, parabens or essential oils making it extremely kind on delicate skin.

It’s definitely a winner in our opinion here at Jan de Vries and our customers certainly seem to agree, with many praising its ability to nourish dry hair, making it appear silkier and smoother. A instant hit and natural partner for Faith in Nature’s Natural Unscented Shampoo.