Optima Glucosamine Joint Complex Gel

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What our customers say

  • Merryweather

    Glucosamine Gel

    Excellent product which has improved leg movement.

    May 16 2022 5
  • Jayne

    Glucosamine complex gel

    I like this gel very much. It's very soothing and the menthol from it is very gentle on the skin.

    Dec 29 2021 5
  • Anita

    Glucosamine Gel

    Have found this very useful for joint/muscular pain.

    May 31 2021 4
  • Sue Roberts

    Glucosamine complex

    I think this is the best I have had for my knee problems and pain

    Apr 21 2021 5
  • Tony

    Glucosamine joint complex gel

    excellent product, does what it says on the tube

    Oct 07 2020 5
  • Laura Parker


    Helped my Dad’s arthritic pain no end.

    Jan 28 2019 4
Product Description
  • Aims to maintain healthy joints and reduce joint pain
  • Glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin provide the building blocks for healthy joints
  • Aloe vera, vitamin C, menthol and devil's claw help to soothe and reduce inflammation
  • Easy-to-apply, soothing gel

Glucosamine is a chemical compound produced by your body and it’s believed to be crucial when it comes to building cartilage, normally being found in the fluid that cushions your joints. Unfortunately, as we age our production of glucosamine slows down which can leave our joints more vulnerable to wear, tear and stress.

That’s why glucosamine gels have soared in popularity in recent years, however glucosamine tends to work best as part of a team effort. That’s why here at Jan de Vries, we feel confident recommending Optima’s Glucosamine Joint Complex Gel to our customers as, not only does it contain glucosamine, it also contains a blend of other nourishing ingredients such as vitamin c, devil’s claw, chondroitin and aloe vera.

These components work to soothe symptoms of joint pain, relieving inflammation, supporting your production of collagen and fighting against free radical damage. Since this gel is absorbed easily through your skin, directly into your bloodstream, it’s fast acting and, thanks to the inclusion of menthol, has a naturally cooling effect.