Pukka Green Collection Tea.

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  • Size:
  • 20
  • Type:
  • Sachets

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Product Description
  • A superb collection of Pukka’s finest Green Teas
  • Includes refreshing infusions of lemon and mint
  • Full of immune-boosting antioxidants and vitamins
  • Now featuring Pukka’s newest flavour, Wonder Berry!

A brilliant collection of Pukka’s finest green teas, this assortment includes familiar favourites such as Mint Matcha mingled with newcomers like Wonder Berry. The ultimate collection if you’re passionate about green teas, each sachet contains a world of flavour with earthy matcha blending with cooling mint or refreshing lemon.

Definitely worth trying, here at Jan de Vries we usually recommend this assortment for customers that are new to Pukka as it enables them to taste a range of flavours and make their own mind up about what works best for them.

Pukka Green Collection include -

  • Supreme matcha
  • Clean matcha
  • Mint matcha
  • Ginseng matcha
  • Wonder berry