Green Tea with Turmeric

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  • 20
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  • Teabags

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Product Description
  • A warm and colourful brew with a rich, spicy taste
  • Infused with anti-inflammatory turmeric
  • 100% organic with no added chemical nasties or synthetic flavours!

Turmeric is top of mind for a lot of people these days as the spice is associated with all sorts of anti-inflammatory benefits, from bolstering the immune system to easing the tricky symptoms of IBS. It’s no wonder then that Heath and Heather decided to incorporate this all-star ingredient into their latest green tea brew!

Aromatic, warming and very colourful, this tea is ideal if you’re feeling a bit under the weather or simply need a bit of TLC. It’s got a wonderful, unique flavour without having to resort to synthetic chemicals or additives.