Faith in Nature Hand Made Pure Vegetable Soap Aloe Vera

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Product Description


  • Aromatic and surprisingly refreshing
  • Infused with organic Aloe Vera and Ylang Ylang oils
  • Intensely cleansing with natural antibacterial properties
  • Free from parabens and prepared using natural fragrances

Faith in Nature’s Natural Aloe Vera Soap provides a refreshing and aromatic blend of organic aloe vera, sweet patchouli and ylang ylang oils creating a soothing soap that’s gentle on skin whilst still offering a potent cleansing action.

Naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial thanks to the inclusion of aloe vera, this soap is great for stimulating your skin, keeping you feeling fresh and uplifted throughout the day. Highly recommended by many of our customers, they absolutely adore it, especially if they have sensitive or delicate skin!