Natura Siberica Handmade Natural Pine Soap

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Product Description

• Gentle, delicate cleansing
• Nourishes skin with vitamins
• Naturally antiseptic with Siberian pine oil
• Suitable for sensitive skin

Gentle handmade pine soap delicately cleanses skin, nourishes and enriches it with valuable vitamins.
Containing organic oils from wild-harvested Siberian herbs, we've added wild beeswax and Siberian pine oil to create a naturally antiseptic soap.

Siberian pine oil has traditionally been used by native Siberians for fast healing of wounds and burns. It calms skin by eliminating redness and inflammation. Siberian pine oil also has a powerful rejuvenating effect and can be used for taking care of even the most sensitive skin.

Rich in vitamin A, wild beeswax has remarkable smoothing and nutritive properties and leaves a gentle protective film, leaving skin incredibly soft. Extract of wild harvested Siberian larch and organic oblepikha oil facilitate healing of small wounds and restore skin elasticity,