How to get shiny hair - Our top 5 tips!

Sep 18 2020Anne

How to get shiny hair - Our top 5 tips!

You look in the mirror and you definitely don’t like what you see – dry, lifeless hair with no shine and muted colour. Why does this happen though? There are many reasons why the condition of your hair can sometimes waver – your diet, hair-care products and lifestyle can all play a role in dimming and diminishing your locks but fortunately, there is plenty that you can do to get your shine back!

How to get shiny hair – our top 5 tips!

1. Cool things down: Step away from your curling tongs and put down your straighteners – you may appreciate them but your hair certainly does not. Most women – around 33% incredibly! – are proud owners of a pair of heating irons and have incorporated them flawlessly into their morning routine. What’s not to love? If you have frizzy, or out of control hair, straighteners can simply smooth away the kinks and coax your hair into whatever style you fancy. However, the grim truth is that your straighteners are not doing your hair any favours and they may only be adding to your hair dilemma, ensuring a vicious cycle where the manufacturers of your GHDs are the only victors. Typically, most heating irons can reach temperatures of up to 200oC – enough to seriously damage the structure of your hair, leading to breakage and potential hair loss. Instead of routinely burning your hair, try to give it a break and do a deep condition at least once a week, saving your straighteners for special occasions only.

2. Try some supplements: Vitamins and minerals are essential for strong, healthy locks but sometimes it can be difficult to get everything we need from our diet alone. This is where supplements can come into play, giving your intake a vital boost and ensuring your hair gets what it needs to remain nourished and hydrated. Solgar’s Skin, Nails and Hair Formula is packed full of nutrients, including ample amounts of zinc, vitamin C and amino acids like L-Lysine, all of which can strengthen your hair and encourage your circulation, promoting new growth. Or, for an added punch, you could try BioCare's Hair and Nail Complex which is imbued with iron, zinc and biotin to stimulate growth and keep your hair strong and hydrated.

3. Go nuts for coconut oil: Coconut oil – where to begin? This humble substance has so many potential benefits that it would be impossible to list them all – although you can read more about the other advantages of coconut oil here! Unsurprisingly, most shampoos these days claim to contain extracts of coconut oil but the best source is always the original. Organic, unprocessed coconut oil is chockfull of fatty acids that encourage the production of sebum. Of course, too much sebum oil can lead to greasy hair but, in just the right amounts, this oil can keep your hair shiny and hydrated, preventing your locks from becoming dry and brittle.

Coconut oil can also boost your blood circulation and is rich in iron, which can prevent outbreaks of dandruff on your scalp. If you want to try this method, simply mix around 2tsp of virgin coconut oil (depending on the length of your hair) with a little warm water. Once the coconut oil has melted, massage into your scalp and the rest of your hair. Put on a shower cap and leave the oil for half an hour before rinsing out or, for a more intense, deeper condition, you could leave the oil in overnight.

4. Go all natural: Your hair deserves the best and unfortunately, most conventional shampoo and conditioners are loaded with harsh chemicals, like preservatives, colours and surfactants, which can strip away essentials oils, drying out your hair and scalp. Instead of turning to your supermarket, why not try an organic and natural alternative? Jason’s shampoos and conditioners contain no artificial colours or preservatives, and are infused with enriching essential oils, like aloe vera, jojoba and lavender. They also boast an impressive range, with products specifically suited towards a variety of needs. If you’re looking to add some shine to your hair though, we’d recommend trying Jason’s Apricot Shampoo which contains wheat oil, aloe vera and apricot oil to rejuvenate your hair and restore your natural glow.

5. Eat your hair healthy: It’s true; you really are what you eat, especially when it comes to your skin, hair and nails. If you want to add some extra gloss to your locks, ditch the processed foods and try to stock up on oily fish like salmon and mackerel. These tasty meals are loaded with proteins and omega fatty acids, which as we have already explained, can keep your hair hydrated and prevent any damage. Greek yoghurt is also packed with vitamin B5, which can increase the blood flow to your hair and scalp, making sure your hair gets the nutrients it needs. Green leafy vegetables like kale or spinach also have their role, being rich in iron which can keep your hair strong and healthy. For added kick, we’d also advise eating more foods that contain ample amounts of beta-carotenes – sweet potatoes, carrots, and mangoes should definitely be back on the menu!