Natural cures for coughs

Sep 18 2020Louise

Natural cures for coughs

While colds, flus and respiratory infections are commonly associated with the winter months, many people are surprised to find they have contracted an infection in the summer, with all the usual symptoms including a runny nose, sneezing, headaches and a dry, tickly cough.

However, an infection may not be the only reason you are suffering from a tickly cough this summer. Summer brings with it warmer air which causes us to use air conditioning more frequently – meaning that the air both inside and outside is drier, which can quickly dry out our throats. In addition, allergens such as pollen are more common in the summer which can irritate the respiratory system. All of this can leave you with a dry, tickly and very annoying cough!

So how can you get rid of it? Try our tips on natural ways to get rid of summer coughs:

#1 – Honey and lemon. This tried and tested method of relieving coughs is still one of the best natural remedies available. The honey coats and soothes the throat, preventing that irritating dry feeling. Both honey and lemon are thought to have antibacterial and antiviral properties so may help clear up any infection. Just add a teaspoonful of honey, a few drops of lemon and a little fresh ginger (if you have it) to a mug of hot water and drink!

#2 – Steam. Bend over a bowl of hot water and cover your head with a towel. This allows you to breath in the steam, which helps loosen mucus and add moisture to the throat. Better still, you can add an essential oil like tea tree or eucalyptus to help clear out your respiratory system.

#3 – Salt water. Gargling salt water encourages the cells in your throat to lose water, which reduces swelling and helps lubricate the throat. Salt water is naturally antiseptic so will also help clear up and infection developing there.

#4 – Herbal cough syrups. There are a number of natural and herbal cough sprays available so have a look around. Our favourite is A.Vogel’s Bronchosan Pine cough syrup, which is enriched with pine oil and honey and helps to ease the irritation in the respiratory tract.

#5 – Adjust your environment. Tickly, dry coughs are often caused by dry air, allergens or air pollution so making an effort to eliminate these from your environment may help. Consider reducing your use of air conditioning, or get a humidifier for your home which returns moisture to the air. If you think you may be allergic to pollen, avoid going out or opening your windows on high pollen count days, or consult your GP who may be able to help identify what you are allergic to.

Try out our tips to help get rid of that annoying tickly cough, so you can go and enjoy the summer!