Rivers of Health High Stability Colloidal Silver

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What our customers say

  • Pauline H


    Anti viral, anti bacterial, etc., etc.,. An absolute essential in our medicine cupboard

    Jun 17 2020 5


    I have found this colloidal silver product extremely effective as an antiviral over years.

    Feb 14 2019 5
  • Beryl Harrison


    my psoriasis are a lot better with using active silver

    Jan 22 2018 4
Product Description
  • Anti bacterial anti fungal and anti viral
  • Can be sprayed onto skin including damaged skin
  • It is also suitable for plants and animals
  • One of the oldest anti microbial agents
  • Suitable for vegans.

Silver is one of the oldest anti-microbial agents known. In this Colloidal form, it is germicidal to many pathogenic organisms, viral, bacterial and fungal.

It is not a nutrient, although it occurs naturally in water and soil.

Colloidal silver is used by many people worldwide at home and in hospitals with many new applications emerging.

Today, thanks to modern technology, this highly effective, versatile product is achieved, only requiring a very small quantity of silver.