Jan de Vries Joint Muscle Complex

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What our customers say

  • Joe Payne

    Arthritis in both wrists

    Have taken two daily for two weeks. Some improvement but still a bit painful. Will continue to give product chance to really get into system

    May 20 2022 4
  • Hazel Robinson

    I have taken joint and muscle complex for RA .It is excellant

    Jan suggested that I should take it for RA, and when I showed my rheumatologist, she looked at it and wrote to my surgery to say that she approved and that I should not stop taking it.

    Sep 08 2021 5
  • Alli

    Joint Muscle Complex Capsules

    I have taken this product for the last eighteen years. Just one a day helps me to maintain pain-free hips, back and knees - I have disc injuries and hyper-mobility. When I run out of them or can't get them my body seizes up. I can't recommend these capsules enough.

    May 05 2021 5
  • David Reid


    Been taking this for years and find it helps keep me quite mobile.

    Oct 20 2019 4
Product Description
  • Utilises a range of nutrients to help nourish, protect and support your muscle and joints
  • Helps to encourage the proper metabolism of proteins and counteracts against inflammation
  • Rich in amino acids and minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium!
  • Useful for sufferers of rheumatism or osteoarthritis

Our Joint Muscle Complex is one of our top products here at Jan de Vries and we never tire of recommending it to our customers. Not only is this formula specifically aimed at supporting your muscle function and maintaining strong, healthy bones, it also contains an impressive array of nutrients to help it get the job done.

From vitamin D to magnesium to calcium, if it helps to support your joints and bones, you can bet it’s in here!  This product even contains lesser known ingredients such as Uva-ursi and cornsilk to provide a gentle cleansing and soothing actions, promoting the expulsion of uric acid, a major cause of gout!

If you really want to make the most out of this product, I’d recommend taking two tablets, twice a day with food. However, if you’re concerned by the potassium content or are intolerant to sulphur, you could try a gentle herbal tincture such as A.Vogel’s Atrosan Devils Claw!