Quest KidzBiotix.

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  • 30
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  • Tablets

What our customers say

  • Becky

    Kids like the taste and work well

    Helping build up my 5 year old’s immune system, particularly after having multiple courses of antibiotics: he likes the taste so makes it easier!

    Jun 27 2022 5
Product Description
  • Probiotic specifically designed for children
  • Healthy gut bacteria support better digestion and contribute to immune function
  • Tasty blackcurrant flavour that kids will love
  • Suitable for vegans

Quest’s child-friendly probiotic, KidzBiotix, has been specifically designed to support children’s immune and digestive health.

Chewable and lightly flavoured with zesty blackcurrant, this probiotic contains 2 billion lactobacilli bacteria cultures, promoting a good gut environment and encouraging the development of healthy intestinal microflora that may help to maintain your child’s overall health and wellbeing.

Beneficial probiotic bacteria help maintain balanced gut health, modulate immune function and may help reduce the occurrence of allergies and atopic eczema or dermatitis in children.

Vegan-friendly and gently tableted to enhance stability, this is a supplement that has really impressed us here at Jan de Vries and we would highly recommend it!