Enzymatic Therapy Krebs Magnesium Potassium Chelates.

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What our customers say

  • Marina

    Krebs Magnesium

    This is a wonderful product. I have a very sensitive system and have reacted to most mag supplements. This has been a god send!

    Feb 05 2021 5
  • Marina Swain


    I love this brand. I struggled to find a magnesium that I didn’t react to and this one was a winner!

    Oct 12 2020 5
Product Description
Why are Krebs cycle minerals important? They can more easily support many functions in the body that require mineral replenishment: Supplementation with Krebs cycle chelated-minerals is often used to enhance the production of energy at a cellular level, in the mitochondria. Sustainable energy is especially important in tissues requiring high levels of energy, such as the heart, arteries, and veins.

Why use Krebs Magnesium-Potassium Chelates? It provides important, extra-absorbable minerals for your heart: Potassium and magnesium may be the most important minerals within the heart. They contribute to heart muscle contraction through their role in energy production, and help maintain the electrical charge of the cells. However, these minerals, chelated to the Krebs cycle intermediates, are even better utilised.