Absolute Aromas Lavender & Aloe Gel

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Product Description
  • Rejuvenating non greasy gel 
  • Cooling and soothing
  • Suits most skin types
  • Soothe, moisturise and calm sun kissed, dry and blemished skin.

Known as the 'plant of immortality', the succulent aloe vera plant holds a liquid like gel and is extracted and formulated with other ingredients to produce a moisturising, soothing and cooling gel, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Infused with 100% pure lavender (French) essential oil for its relaxing and calming properties and skin care benefits, this Lavender and Aloe Vera gel is the ideal combination to soothe, moisturise and calm sun kissed, dry and blemished skin.

Apply this gel to burns and blemishes, the natural antiseptic effects of Lavender help restore the skin whilst Aloe Vera gently soothes and protects. The cooling properties of Aloe and Lavender also makes it ideal for irritable and dry skin and perfect for use as an after-sun.

Pure and natural Lavender and Aloe Vera gel contains essential minerals, proteins and vitamins A, C and E that help to hydrate and revitalise hair and skin.