Lutein Carotenoid Complex Vegetable.

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Product Description
  • One of Solgar's premium-quality carotenoids
  • Suitable for vegans

Solgar’s Lutein Carotenoid Complex is a lovely supplement that we normally recommend if you’re looking to enhance your vision. Infused with natural sources of Beta-carotene and Carotenoid, each vegan-friendly vegetable capsule contains 15mg of Lutein, a potent antioxidant known as the ‘eye vitamin.’

This is because Lutein can help to protect your eyes from the free-radical damage caused by exposure to UV radiation. It also helps to reduce any tiredness in your eyes and can even help to treat the symptoms of macular degeneration.

In combination with a carotenoid complex, the healing properties of this nutrient are significantly enhanced! This definitely benefits your skin as lutein can help to reduce oxidative stress and, similarly to its influence on your eyes, can diminish the effects of UV radiation!