Pure Gold Manuka Honey 370+ MGO

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Product Description
  • Farmed and harvested in the rural unpolluted pastures of new Zealand
  • Tested by an internationally accredited new Zealand government approved laboratory for MGO (dietary Methylglyoxal), the key component that endows Manuka Honey with its unique properties
  • Complies to new Zealand MPI standards which identify this as a genuine Manuka Honey
  • The indigenous Maori population recognizes the unique activity of Manuka Honey and has been using it for centuries

This honey is of the monofloral variety, meaning that the bees who collected the nectar for the honey visited the Manuka bush and not any other flowers or plants. The final product is tested to ensure that it is purer than multifloral honey – where the bees mainly visit the Manuka bush but also venture out to other plants too. Two of four chemical markers essential for the honey to be classed as Manuka must be of a higher level in monofloral honey than multifloral honey.

The mighty Manuka bush is to thank for Manuka honey. It is found in rural pastures of New Zealand, where bees pollinate the ancient bush. It has been used by indigenous Maoris for more than 4000 years for its medicinal properties. Nowadays, Manuka honey is used all over the world and is quite famous in the health world for its antibacterial properties. People like to use it as an alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners in foods and drinks, but it can also just be taken straight off the spoon as a healthy diet supplement.