Mint Fluoride Free Toothpaste

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Product Description
  • Intensely uplifting and refreshing minty flavour
  • Excellent for combatting bad breath and unfriendly bacteria
  • Soothing for signs of inflammation and great for promoting healthy gums
  • No traces of fluoride, gluten or animal products

Most people love the taste and smell of mint – it’s such a refreshing and delicious flavour! What most people aren’t aware of though, is how beneficial mint can be when it comes to dental hygiene. Mint naturally contains a number of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, making it great for soothing inflammation, fighting unfriendly bacteria and neutralising bad breath!

Kingfisher’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste is a comforting combination of mint and fennel and is a great, natural alternative if you’re conscious about unfriendly chemicals and additives. It’s definitely a winner here at Jan de Vries! However, if you’re looking for a fluoride toothpaste, why not try Kingfisher’s Natural Mint Toothpaste with Fluoride?

Kingfisher’s Natural Toothpaste is the UK’s leading brand of natural toothpaste, offering a vegan-friendly alternative to conventional dental treatments. Infused with natural ingredients, Kingfisher products are never tested on animals and contain absolutely NO artificial colourings, preservatives or sweeteners.