Molkosan Original

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What our customers say

  • HS


    Molkosan has been a wonderful addition to my routine. It has really improved my digestion and therefore overall health. A quality product, great price and quick delivery.

    Jul 17 2021 5
  • Gayle Sheriff


    Have used this for years as a probiotic and to dab on problem skin...wonderful

    Jun 20 2020 5
Product Description
  • Excellent for creating a great environment for your good gut bacteria
  • Naturally anti-fungal and rich in L+ lactic acid
  • Can be used as a pre-biotic to kickstart your day
  • Suitable for vegetarians and free from lactose!

Probiotics are a very hot subject these days and here at Jan de Vries we are often flooded with questions – which probiotic is right for me, how much should I be taking etc. However, when we mention prebiotics, many seem surprised. What is a prebiotic? How does it work?

Prebiotics help to feed the friendly bacteria in your gut and help to create an environment where your gut flora can flourish. Without prebiotics, all you are doing is flooding your gut with strains of friendly bacteria that are unlikely to survive in their new environment. This is why we always recommend a prebiotic and probiotic combination, which is where Molkosan comes into the picture.

Our favourite probiotic, Molkosan is made from fresh whey which is processed using a special lacto-fermentation and pasteurisation process. Rich in L+ lactic acid and naturally anti-fungal, it’s wonderful for your gut and has been a real hit with our customers, who now swear by using this product alongside their typical probiotics.

Originating in Switzerland, A.Vogel was founded by renowned naturopath Alfred Vogel and specialises in holistic herbal remedies and food supplements to help promote your overall health and wellbeing. Built upon the idea of finding a way of life and healing that is orientated around nature, A.Vogel try to enable others to help themselves, even offering expert advice in addition to their herbal remedies.