Biotta Mountain Cranberry Juice.

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Product Description

Naturally strong and sour in flavour, handpicked wild mountain cranberries are paired perfectly with a subtle birch leaf herbal infusion and a little agave nectar, to achieve a deliciously smooth taste sensation. Biotta’s organic cranberries are rich in phytonutrients which can help to support bladder health.

Developed in conjunction with the Centre for Bladder Research within a hospital in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, naturally tart, handpicked mountain cranberries are freshly squeezed and expertly blended with a birch leaf infusion and a touch of agave nectar allowing for the unique, refreshing taste of Biotta Wild Mountain Cranberry Juice. As with the others in the Biotta range, there are not any other added extras and the cranberry juice is not from concentrate.