Quest Multi B Complex with Vitamin C.

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  • Strength:
  • 500mg
  • Type:
  • Tablets

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Product Description
  • Full-spectrum, medium-potency B vitamins plus vitamin C
  • Quick-release tablet – absorbed in 30 minutes
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Suitable for vegans

Quest Multi B Complex is a great medium potency supplement, containing all 8 B vitamins, plus added vitamin C. They are specially designed to release quickly into your system and reach maximum potency after just 30 minutes!

Sometimes vitamins on their own aren’t enough to provide the support you need. Many vitamins and nutrients work together to produce positive results, which is why a complex is sometimes more beneficial.

The blend of all 8 B vitamins in Quest Multi B Complex helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and contribute to the function of the nervous system. Vitamin C also supports the immune system and its antioxidant properties help to protect cells from oxidative stress.

Great for a quick boost when you need it most!