Multivit Junior Daily Oral Spray.

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  • 25
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  • ml

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Product Description
  • Contains 14 essential nutrients
  • Suitable from 1 year old
  • Great tasting natural raspberry flavour
  • Perfectly balanced nutritional support for growing bodies
  • No capsules, tablets or water required

Ensuring children get enough vitamins and minerals can prove challenging due to fussy eating habits and allergies but worry not, that's where BetterYou's Daily Multi Vitamin Oral Spray comes in!

Containing a unique blend of 14 essential minerals and vitamins, this spray helps provide nutritional support for children. The inclusion of vitamin D3 for example, encourages a healthy immune system whilst folate helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

That's not all though, this spray has a natural raspberry flavour meaning it's pleasant to taste - there will be no bribing children to take this nutrient-packet product! Plus, as it's a spray this multivitamin is absorbed by the bloodstream immediately meaning not only will children get the benefit of it straight away, it also avoids the potential for stomach upset that often comes from consuming multivitamins in tablet form.

So, if you feel you child needs a little bit of nutritional support, this is the product to try!