Benecos Natural Eyebrow Pencil

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Product Description
  • A gentle brown colour for light brunette eyebrows
  • Specifically designed to shape, fill-in and groom your brows
  • Enhanced with nourishing organic jojoba seed oil
  • Prepared using organic ingredients and 100% suitable for vegans

Benecos Natural Gentle Brown Eyebrow Pencil is perfect if you have light or golden brown eyebrows that neither suits a blond or a dark brown eyebrow pencil. Lovingly infused with organic jojoba seed oil, this formula helps to condition your eyebrows while sculpturing and filling in any gaps.

Not only this but the addition of a small circular brush helps to groom your brows for better definition overall, helping you achieve your ideal shape. Vegan-friendly and prepared using organic ingredients, if you’re interested in this product, make sure you check out Benecos Natural Smooth Brown Maximum Volume Mascara for a more subtle, natural look.