Benecos Natural Lipgloss

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    Great colour and feel, does seem to go on your teeth a bit though so must check before leaving the house! Still a great natural product though for a great price.

    Jul 17 2019 4
Product Description
  • A gentle flush of shimmery rose pink
  • Enriches your lips with a subtle touch of colour
  • Formulated using natural and organic plant extracts
  • Nourishing and hydrating for dry, sensitive lips
  • Glides on gorgeously without any sticky residues


A stunning pastel pink enriched with warmer hints of rose, this gorgeous shade is perfect for adding a subtle flush of colour to your lips.  Soft, refined and ever so slightly shimmery, this natural rose lipgloss really enhances a more natural look, gently nourishing and hydrating your lips.

Infused with soothing sunflower seed oil, your lips should be left feeling wonderfully smooth and well moisturised. Its delicate formula simply glides on to your lips without leaving any sticky residues or unwanted clumps!

Incredibly popular here at Jan de Vries, this lipgloss has certainly impressed both our customers and colleagues. Make sure you don’t miss out and give this gloss a go – you definitely won’t regret it! If you even wanted to pair this product, we’d recommend enhancing your complexion with a healthy, natural glow courtesy of Benecos Natural Highlighting Powder.