Natural Organic Tampons - Regular/Organic.

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  • 10
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  • Tampons

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Product Description
  • Smooth and easy to insert
  • Expands lengthways for great, effective absorption
  • No raylon, chlorine, plastic or dyes
  • Biodegradable and simple to withdraw
  • Made using 100% organic cotton and nothing else!

Did you know that most tampons are commonly chlorine-bleached and made from a mix of raylon and non-organic cotton? This blend of artificial ingredients can sometimes put women at risk of absorbing harsh chemicals, including pesticide residues and dioxins!

Natracare are a kind, natural brand that don’t believe in exposing women to the risks that these toxins can sometimes present. Instead their tampons are made from 100% organic cotton and nothing else! No chlorine, dyes or nasty phthalates, instead these tampons are gentle and easy to apply using a biodegradable applicator.

Effective for long-lasting absorption, we’d recommend Natracare’s Natural Organic Tampons if you have delicate skin or are concerned about harsh chemicals upsetting a very sensitive part of your body. If you have a slightly heavier flow, it might be worthwhile considering Natracare’s Night Time Maxi Pads instead for greater absorbency!