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100% Cotton Certified Organic. Why organic tampons? In 1989, Natracare was developed as a direct response to health and environmental concerns about dioxin pollution caused by chlorine bleaching, the use of rayon in tampons, and the extensive use of pesticides on conventionally grown cotton. For over 15 years, natracare has been trusted by women who see the good sense in making a natal choice in tampons, pads, panty liners and feminine wipes for their monthly cycle.

It makes sense to choose a tampon that is made from only certified organic cotton to avoid unnecessary exposure to chemical residuals and synthetics. Natracare Organic cotton tampons and chemical free pads are high quality products made from only pure and natural materials that are not chlorine bleached and are free of rayon, plastics and synthetic materials. Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock syndrome (TSS) a rare but serious disease that my cause death. Read and save the enclosed information.