A.Vogel Neem Shampoo

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  • 200
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What our customers say

  • John Field

    Neem Shampoo

    Itchy scalp and heat spots so tried this and found it to be very soothing and hair feels great as well

    Apr 25 2022 5
  • Maureen

    Neem Shampoo

    Loving this shampoo. I'm sure my hair appears thicker . Will certainly buy it again

    Sep 13 2021 5
  • RubyRed


    Lovely shampoo, left my hair feeling super squeaky clean and shiny, a little goes a long way!

    Aug 29 2018 4
  • Jackie Jones


    Really helped with my dry scalp.

    Jun 07 2018 4
Product Description
  • Gentle on dry, troubled scalps
  • Excellent at easing dandruff
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Infused with rosemary and eucalyptus oil
  • Does not interfere with dyes or other hair treatments

Our Neem shampoo is designed for use by the whole family. Neem shampoo contains extracts of neem leaves and helps soothe dry, irritated and flaky scalps.

All parts of the Neem tree have a long history of use in Indian culture, being an important part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries where it has been used for a wide variety of conditions ranging from pest control, to a sedative and as a contraceptive! Today the main use of neem extracts is as an insect repellent and in body-care products such as our Neem shampoo. Neem shampoo is safe to use in children and won’t interfere with dyes or other hair treatments.