Absolute Aromas Neroli Essential Oil

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Product Description
  • Neroli has a subtle, sweet-floral aroma.
  • An excellent oil to use during stressful situations to calm and soothe the mind and heart.
  • This oil comes from the blossoms (flowers) of the bitter Orange tree.
  • It is one of the few oils that aromatherapists recommend for use (in moderation) during pregnancy.

Also known as Orange Blossom or Neroli Bigarade, this essential oil is water distilled from the flowers of the cultivated Bitter Orange tree.

The Orange flowers must be distilled immediately after picking, as they decay very quickly.

Tunisia is the most highly regarded producer of this exotic floral oil. This delightful oil has been carefully distilled in Tunisia with brand new, top quality equipment by skilled and experienced distillers. The difference is apparent in the quality.

Plant Family: Rutaceae
Country of Origin: Tunisia
Method of Extraction: The oil is steam distilled from the flowers on the Orange blossom tree.
Main Theraputic Properties: Antibacterial, Aphrodisiac, Calmativem, Uterine tonic.
Contraindications: Non toxic and non irritant in prescribed doses.
Did you know: The name of this oil came from an Italian princess who used it as her favourite perfume.
Oil Appearance: Clear to Pale Yellow.
Chakra: Sacral & Heart & Brow.
Chinese Element: Fire (& Wood).