Night Time Maxi Pads

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  • 10
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  • Pads

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Product Description
  • Double absorbent cellulose core to keep you dry all night!
  • Longer and thicker for your comfort and security
  • Biodegradable packaging with no plastic, dyes or chlorine
  • Soft, organic cotton to cushion delicate skin

Thick and cushioned for your security and comfort, Natracare’s Night Time Maxi Pads work to keep you dry throughout the night, with greater, more efficient absorbency.

This pad, unlike other Natracare pads, relies on a double absorbent cellulose core allowing it to keep you dryer for longer. What hasn’t changed though, is this pad’s approach towards the environment and the safety of your skin. It contains absolutely no plastics, perfumes or dyes and is 100% free from chlorine!

Gentle and kind on your skin, as well as the environment, here at Jan de Vries we often recommend this product for our customers who suffer from slightly heavier periods. However, if you wish for a more discreet sanitary pad, then Natracare’s Ultra Pads may be just what you’re looking for!