New Era No. 2 Calc Phos

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  • Ruth

    New Era 2 Calc Phos

    I developed an allergic reaction to an applied topical oil but the worst thing about this was the intense skin itching. I suffered with this for a week and any slight touch of the skin would start off the itching. I eventually emailed Jan De Fries and they suggested New Era 2........I have to say I cannot shout loud enough at the quick systemic response of these homeopathic tablets. Within 36hrs, the intense itching had eased and by the 3rd day, the itching had completely gone! Thank you

    Sep 23 2021 5
Product Description

New Era No. 2 Calc Phos (Calcium Phosphate) Mineral Cell Salt with Biotin+  a constituent of bones and teeth. Helpful for indigestion, teething problems and chilblains.

Mineral Cell Salt with Biotin+ contains triturated (finely ground) tiny particles of selected cell salt in, easy to take, dissolve on the tongue 'Fastmelt' tablets with the essential nutrient biotin.

These are made using processes associated with New Era for almost 90 years.