Natura Siberica Oblepikha Conditioning Spray

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  • Unknown

    Oblepikha Conditioning spray

    Good for my curly hair when brushing. Makes my hair feel soft. Smells nice too

    Feb 15 2022 4
  • Frances Arieli


    This is fantastic for fine hair, highly recommend.

    May 26 2017 5
Product Description



  • Makes brushing and styling easier
  • Protects from heat exposure
  • Makes hair smooth and silky
  • Packed with vitamins to nourish and repair hair

Siberian Oblepikha Organic Oil & Wild Rose

Makes brushing and styling easier
Protects from heat exposure
Makes hair smooth and silky
This conditioning spray nourishes hair and fills it with essential moisture,
protects from heat exposure during hot styling. Acts like “clothes for hair”
and repairs damage in hair structure. Makes hair healthy and smooth.
Makes brushing easier.

Active ingredients:

Vitamins and amino-acids in the spray formula nourish and repair hair.

Altai Oblepikha Organic Oil helps produce keratin, which gives hair strength and elasticity.

Moroccan Argan organic oil  deeply nourishes and instantly improves hair structure.
Being rich in minerals and vitamis.

Silk Amino acids seal hair surface with a protective layer hydrating and repairing it in the places of damage.
Your hair becomes as vivid and smooth as gliding silk.

All products in the OBLEPIKHA SIBERICA PROFESSIONAL line contain a high concentration of
Altai Oblepikha organic oil, produced by cold pressing selected manually – harvested berries.
Also the products contain organic ingredients and active components, which are found in professional hair, care treatments.

Altai Oblepikha is among the best sources of vitamins;
essential amino acids; fatty acids; omega 3,6, 9, and rare omega 7.
All of them are great health and beauty contributors.
This unique berry has up to 22 other fatty acids as well as 36 kinds of flavonoids.
Today, Natura Siberica is the only company in the world using Altai Oblepikha oil derivative
as a base for its products, to preserve the natural beauty & health of your hair and skin.