Natura Siberica Oblepikha Maximum Volume Conditioner

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  • 400
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Product Description



  • Gives hair incredible volume
  • Helps to make hair thicker
  • Leaves hair feeling silky smooth
  • Packed with vitamins and amino-acids to nourish hair
  • Smells amazing!

Altai Oblepikha Oil & White Siberian Flaxseeds Organic Oil
For all hair types, Maximum volume.

    Gives hair incredible volume from the very roots
    Nourishes and saturates hair with essential moisture
    Makes hair thicker

The product does not contain harmful chemicals:
This invigorating conditioner gives hair maximum volume, shine and thickness
while protecting it from heat exposure during hot styling. Beautyfully reviving and
lifting hair from roots without weighing it down.

Active ingredients:

Vitamins and amino-acids nourish and repair hair.

Altai Oblepikha oil, Moroccan argan oil and organic oil of White Siberian Flaxseeds hel generate keratin, which makes hair strong and shiny.

Ginseng and Pine Bark retain moisture deep within the hair's structure.

After applying this conditioner hair looks amazingly beautiful and breathtakingly voluminous.

All products in the OBLEPIKHA SIBERICA PROFESSIONAL line contain a high concentration of Altai Oblepikha organic oil, produced by cold pressing selected manually – harvested berries.

Also the products contain organic ingredients and active components, which are found in professional hair care treatments.

Altai Oblepikha is among the best sources of vitamins; essential amino acids; fatty acids; omega 3,6, 9, and rare omega 7.

All of them are great health and beauty contributors. This unique berry has up to 22 other fatty acids as well as 36 kinds of flavonoids.

Today, Natura Siberica is the only company in the world using Altai Oblepikha oil derivative as a base for its products,

to preserve the natural beauty & health of your hair and skin.