Natura Siberica Oblepikha Shower Gel

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  • 400
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Product Description


  • Invigorates and refreshes
  • Nourishes and soothes skin
  • No parabens
  • Antioxidant and regenerating properties
  • Smells amazing!

Altai Oblepikha Organic Oil & Arctic Cranberry Seed Oil & Wild Mint

    Invigorates and refreshes
    Soothes skin

The product does not contain harmful chemicals:

Vitamins C&E and blend of Altai Oblepikha organic Oil, Arctic Cranberry and
Organic Pine Nut Oils strengthen and moisturize skin.

Wild Mint adds a touch of coolness.

Yakut Wood Sorrel has antioxidant and regenerating properties.

For the base of our professional body and hair care line,
OBLEPIKHA SIBERICA PROFESSIONAL, we have chosen unique and precious ingredient Altai Oblepikha (sea-buckthorn).

All products in the OBLEPIKHA SIBERICA PROFESSIONAL line contain a high concentration of Altai Oblepikha organic oil, produced by cold pressing selected manually – harvested berries. Also the products contain organic ingredients and active components, which are found in professional hair, care treatments.

Altai Oblepikha is among the best sources of vitamins; essential amino acids; fatty acids; omega 3,6, 9, and rare omega 7. All of them are great health and beauty contributors. This unique berry has up to 22 other fatty acids as well as 36 kinds of flavonoids. Today, Natura Siberica is the only company in the world using Altai Oblepikha oil derivative as a base for its products, to preserve the natural beauty & health of your hair and skin.


    Helps enhance skin firmness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles,
    Prevents skin inflammation has a bactericidal action,
    Repairs skin damaged as a results of sunburns,
    Helps nourish and soften skin, reliably protects it from moisture loss
    Reduces pigmentation