Just Natural Organic Organic Arborio Rice

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  • 500
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Product Description
  • Natural source of Iron, Potassium, Thiamine (B1) and Folate
  • Gluten-free
  • Pesticides and fertilizers free
  • Soil Association approved
  • Plastic free packaging 

Arborio rice is low in fat, rich in minerals such as Iron, and also a good source of vitamin B. It has easily digestible sugars and is gluten-free.

Grown only in Italy, Arborio rice is what makes your favourite risotto dish creamy and delicious due to its higher starch content but although starchier than traditional white rice, the extra starch does not mean it's higher in carbs, it means that it will easily absorb liquid and give to your risotto its characteristic thick consistency.

  • Try eating Arborio rice with a food rich in vitamin C, such as cabbage, this can improve Iron absorption!

Just Natural Organic Arborio Risotto Rice have been carefully selected to ensure you receive the highest quality product available. They are then thoroughly inspected & packed in a new state of the art production facility.