Organic Broccoli Powder

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  • Size:
  • 100
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  • Grams

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Product Description
  • Packed with iron, vitamin C and amino acids!
  • Great for fighting symptoms of fatigue and reducing lethargy!
  • Infuse into dense nutrient-packed green smoothies
  • Vegan-friendly with no traces of gluten or lactose

If ever there was a call to ‘eat your greens’ it was likely motivated by this nutrient-dense vegetable. Broccoli is suffused in iron and other essential antioxidants, providing an essential intake of dietary fibre and protein! Super-green and supercharged, there’s more than one way of getting all the goodness out of broccoli! Golden Greens have managed to condense this antioxidant-rich vegetable into an easy to take powder form.

Perfect for mixing into smoothies, this powder manages to retain its goodness, still providing a rich array of nutrients and health benefits. Our customers love to add it to green smoothies, even combining with Golden Greens' other super-green powder, Kale!