Golden Greens Organic Golden Turmeric

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Product Description
  • Aromatic fusion of spicy ginger, bold turmeric and black pepper
  • Intensely nourishing for your circulation and digestive system
  • Blend with a little milk to form a delicious golden drink
  • Certified by the Soil Association and 100% vegan-friendly 

Turmeric is immediately recognizable with its intense colour and vivid flavour. What most people aren’t aware of, is how good turmeric really is for their overall health and wellbeing. This is because turmeric contains a chemical known as ‘curcumin,’ associated with a wide range of health benefits from supporting your digestion to easing symptoms of arthritis.

Also a natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric isn’t always easy for our bodies to absorb but this can be helped by incorporating it into cooking! Golden Greens' Golden Turmeric is a spicy blend of ginger, turmeric and black pepper, making it easier to absorb and add to dishes. Our customers enjoy mixing it with warm milk to form a lively golden drink that’s soothing on the stomach and deliciously aromatic!