Pukka Organic Joy Tea

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Product Description
  • Created using organic and ethically sourced plants
  • A mix of herbs work to uplift, comfort, and relax
  • Citrusy lemon balm, lemongrass and orange are complemented by comforting rose, liquorice, and lavender.
  • Recyclable sachets and box

Pukka’s Joy Tea is an organic, uplifting blend of lemony herbs with a twist of orange to naturally support everyday happiness and boost mood.

Joy has been expertly blended by practicing herbalist and Pukka Co-Founder, Sebastian Pole, using natural, 100% organic and ethically sourced plants. Luscious lemon balm, lemongrass, and citrusy orange uplift, whilst liquorice and rose comfort and support; and calming lavender and lemon verbena help to relax.

Bursting with nature’s most joyful ingredients, pour yourself a cup of sunshine. This natural and organic blend uses refreshing lemony herbs and vibrant orange to bring a smile to your face, a flourish of lavender and rose to soothe your mind, and a hint of liquorice to keep you feeling your best throughout the day. Our uplifting caffeine-free tea can be enjoyed every day from morning to evening as a self-care ritual, to support your wellbeing. Ethically sourced, organically grown ingredients.

Nature’s finest organic ingredients to help you enjoy a brighter day:

Lemon Balm – Packed with essential oils to boost mood and promote clear thinking.

Orange – A zesty, uplifting and fragrant fruit. In aromatherapy, citrus essential oils are used to enhance mood.

Lemongrass - An uplifting tonic that supports the digestion and nervous system. When used in a clinical study, lemongrass aroma reduced anxiety.

Lemon Vana Tulsi - A relative of holy basil, which is expected to share mood uplifting and anti-anxiety effects. When used in clinical trials, tulsi improved the symptoms of stress (such as exhaustion and sleep problems), anxiety and low mood.

Bergamot – An uplifting essential oil with anxiety-reducing effects.

Liquorice Root – A perfect plant for stressful modern-day living. Liquorice is naturally sweet and is traditionally used for rejuvenation and nourishing the nervous system.

Rose - A herb traditionally used to uplift and support emotional wellbeing. Rose extract is known by herbalists as a ‘hug in a bottle’ due to its mood-lifting effects.

Lavender – A herb well known for its calming effects, with its relaxing essential oils.

Lemon Verbena – Clinical evidence supports the use of both lavender and lemon verbena in reducing anxiety.

Like all Pukka teas, Joy is in recyclable sachet and tea box (made with FSC certified card and printed using vegetable-based inks) and the teabags are home compostable.

All Pukka Herbs’ products are all natural and certified organic. Many products are also Fair for Life and FairWild certified. FairWild certification guarantees that all the herbs used in the products have been harvested sustainably and that the growers have been paid fairly for their work. Fair for Life is one of the fairest, most equitable and transparent fair-trade systems in the world. It guarantees that everyone Pukka touches, from crop to cup, across the globe is treated fairly, equitably and transparently.