Organic Kale Powder

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Product Description
  • Excellent source of the ‘forgotten vitamin’ vitamin K!
  • Full of fibre and naturally high in protein
  • Ideal for mixing up a supercharged super-green smoothie
  • Certified by the Soil Association with no added nasties! 

Kale is a famous super-green veg that’s associated with numerous health benefits. It’s chockfull of fibre and protein, and provides 7 times more vitamin K than spinach! This is particularly significant when you consider that vitamin K, sometimes known as the ‘forgotten vitamin,’ is vitally important when it comes to blood clotting and building strong healthy bones!

If you’re looking to up your intake of vitamin K, then Golden Greens' Kale Powder is perfect for you. Mild-tasting and easy to mix into a variety of smoothies, it adds revitalizing aroma that you can combine with a variety of other flavors, including Golden Greens' Broccoli Powder!