Inika Organic Lip Liner Pencil

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  • 1.2
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  • Grams

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Product Description
  • Rich violaceous colour
  • Great for accentuating potent reds or striking purples 
  • Creamy formula glides on easily
  • Helps to prevent feathering or lipstick-bleeding
  • Suffused with coconut oil and vitamin E

INIKA’s Organic Sugar Plum Lip Liner Pencil is a must-have addition to anyone’s make-up collection and definitely earns its keep. The vibrant mauve colour makes it extremely compatible with darker, more intense shades of lipsticks, such as INIKA’s Organic After Dark Lipstick or INIKA’s Organic Orchid Fields Lipstick, in addition to being suffused with nourishing coconut oil and antioxidant vitamin E!

Ideal for helping to prevent lipstick-bleeding and smudging, if you’re interested in some of INIKA’s other lip liners, you could try taking a look at their Moroccan Rose Lip Liner, which is specially formulated with deep pink lipsticks in mind or, alternatively , their Nude Delight Lip Liner, which is more tailored towards light pinks and gentle nudes.

INIKA are an organic and vegan-friendly beauty & skincare brand that offer an incredible range of makeup, varying from lipsticks to liquid foundations. Their products are extremely luxurious and can definitely compete with other high street brands. They’re also completely free from parabens, harsh chemicals and artificial colourings!