Absolute Aromas Organic Rosemary Oil

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Product Description
  • This oil is 100% pure, natural and undiluted
  • This is a therapeutic grade organic essential oil
  • Use essential oils to promote health and wellbeing, naturally
  • Aromatherapy is the use of volatile oils extracted from aromatic plants, herbs, seeds, barks, flowers and resins.

Rosemary is the classic get up and go oil.

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub which grows up to 180cm in height. This oil is clear in colour.

There are three main types of Rosemary. The best one for aromatherapy use is the eucalyptol (cineole) chemotype, from Tunisia, Morcco and Italy. The camphor chemotype comes from Spain, and the verbenone chemotype comes from Algeria and Corsica. The latter is contra-indicated due to neuro-toxicity. We supply the finest quality Tunisian Rosemary, which is a superior product.