Wileys Peak Omega-3 Liquid Fish Oil.

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Product Description

Great Tasting Liquid Fish Oil!

Wiley's great tasting Peak Omega-3 Liquid has natural lemon flavor and is guaranteed 90% Triglyceride form.

With 2150mg of EPA+DHA per teaspoon it provides a concentrated dose of Omega-3 fatty acids in every serving.

•2150mg of EPA+DHA per teaspoon

•1300mg of EPA and 850mg DHA

•Take 1 tsp. per day with food

• 4.23 fl. oz. bottle is a 25 day supply

•Sustainable Alaskan Fish caught by American Fishers and Purified by American Workers


Wileys Fish Oils are manufactured to the highest  US and International quality standards. Wileys use molecular distillation and advanced purification techniques to assure removal of PCB's, Lead, Camium, Mercury and Arsenic.