Naturtint Natural Permanent Hair Colour

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  • PollyK74


    I purchased the "Chestnut brown" which initially coloured my hair very, very dark brown. I was rather surprised as my hair hadnt been tinted previously so i would not have thought it porous. Worried i was going to be mistaken for an Elvis impersonator, i phoned JDF to request an exchange of colour for the 2nd bottle i had purchased. The replacement arrived barely 24 hours later! Completely hassle-free and free postage! Over the next week or so, the colour settled quite nicely and despite being washed every day, it is still very shiny! (I usually find it quite difficult to get my hair to stay shiny!) In short, this is a great product. It may need a little patience to settle into the colour but otherwise its fab-especially when u consider it has no amonia!! I will be buying this again

    Apr 11 2020 5
Product Description
  • Prepared using a blend of soy, wheat and oat protein
  • No ammonia, parabens or SLS!

This definitely sets it apart from most conventional hair dyes which rely on a cocktail of damaging ingredients such as ammonia, SLS and parabens, which can easily upset and irritate your hair. If you’re curious about some of Naturtint’s other shades, you could experiment with Dark Chestnut Brown or even add a coppery twinge with Light Copper Chestnut.