OptiBac Probiotics For Travelling Abroad.

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Product Description
  • Helps to tackle any tummy troubles when travelling abroad
  • Contains over 5 billion live cultures that are proven to reach the gut alive and survive in hot, humid climates
  • A convenient one a day dose that’s easy to remember
  • Supported by science and backed up by years of research!

Travelling abroad can be an incredibly rewarding and sometimes life-changing experience – one which you don’t want spoiled by tummy troubles! Yet stomach upsets are becoming an extremely common and undesirable part of the holidaying experience as unfamiliar food, travel anxiety and questionable drinking water can all place unnecessary stress on your digestive system.

That’s why I always tell my customers to take Optibac’s ‘For Travelling Abroad’ Probiotics to help give their guts a little extra support. Containing 4 different strains of bacteria and 5 billion live cultures, these probiotics have been tested to make sure that they reach your gut alive, even surviving in hot and humid climates!

This product can do wonders for maintaining your gut health, helping you to stave off those dreaded symptoms like bloating and excess gas. It’s definitely one of our favourite products here at Jan de Vries! If you want to learn more about Optibac’s range of probiotics please check out their complete collection here.