Probiotics Saccharomyces boulardii.

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Product Description
  • Contains 5 billion live cultures of pure Saccharomyces boulardii
  • Unique probiotic yeast
  • Supports digestive health
  • Suitable for vegans

Saccharomyces boulardii is an unusual probiotic because it is actually a type of yeast rather than bacteria. However, like probiotic bacteria, Saccharomyces boulardii helps promote healthy gut flora and good digestion, has been proven to be particularly resilient and is resistant to high temperatures, humidity and stomach acid.

Optibac’s Saccharomyces boulardii capsules contain 5 billion live cultures of pure Saccharomyces boulardii, and are great for aiding digestion, regulating bowels and promoting healthy flora.

Here at YourHealthfoodStore, we admire Optibac’s honest and informative approach – they’ve got the science and research to prove the claims they make about all their products, so you can really trust in the quality of these probiotics.